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  • Honor 1

    Text Honor 1

  • New accepted paper at Journal of Theoretical Biology

    A joint paper by  Javad Salimi Sartakhti, Dr. Manshaei and Dr. Sadeghi from Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences of Tehran on MMP-TIMP Interactions in Cancer Invasion published at Journal of Theoretical Biology.

    The paper, titled "MMP-TIMP Interactions in Cancer Invasion: An Evolutionary Game-Theoretical Framework". Below, you can find an abstract of this paper.

  • First PhD defense in the group! Congratulations to Dr. Salimi!

    Javad Salimi Sartakhti, first GTMD Ph.D. student, defended his doctoral thesis, titled “Modeling and simulation of cancer progress by using of game theory and multi-agent system” January 12, 2017. He had two publications in this area, appeared in prestigious journals, and another paper will soon be published. GTMD members congratulate him for graduation and hope the best wishes in his future endeavors.

  • A Talk by Dr. Posegga

    Professor Joachim Posegga, chair of "IT Security Group" at the University of Passau.

    He is going to visit ECE department in IUT. (January 6, 7 ) And he will give a talk about "Security Meets the Internet of Things" at the department (January 7). You can find more details in the picture below.

  • Honor 2

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