Game With a Purpose in Education

Brief Introduction

Designing a game with a purpose (GWAP) is known as a facet of human computation that tries to elicit useful computational work as a funny multiplayer game [1]. Currently, we work on two educational GWAP.


Finished projects:

1. A game with purpose of learning improvement

In this project, we introduce a game that improves learning in educational context. We apply a game-theoretic approach to analyze and obtain the Nash Equilibrium leading to learning enhancement.   

2. A game with purpose of examination

We propose a new mechanism for educational evaluation such that satisfy teacher goals. To achieve this goal, we design a game between students and teacher ( teacher plays as a leader and students play as followers). We model the game with Stackelberg games. Our ultimate goal is designing an efficient mechanism based on game theory for assessing students that it is robust against any student fraud.

[1] Luis Von Ahn and Laura Dabbish. Designing games with a purpose. Communications of the ACM, 51(8):58–67, 2008.