A joint paper by Mohammad Taghi Adili, Amin Mohammadi, Dr. Mansahei and  Dr. Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman from Tennessee Tech University, on Cost-Effective Security Management for Clouds has been accepted to the 2017 IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management (IFIP/IEEEIM2017) in Lisbon, Portugal. .

The paper title is "A Cost-Effective Security Management for Clouds: A Game-Theoretic Deception Mechanism". Below, find an abstract of the paper:

The information technology is observing a rising shift toward cloud computing due to its attractive on-demand storage and computing capabilities that allow moving the computing and storage load from the owner’s side to the service provider’s place and enjoying the data or computed results efficiently anywhere anytime. This growing use of clouds also introduces significant security concerns, as sensitive data and critical applications are increasingly being moved to clouds. Recent work also reveals different security threats, e.g., sidechannel attacks, against cloud services. In this work, we address the need of improved solutions for the security management of cloud computing. We propose a moving target-based deceptive defense mechanism where the moving target idea is centered on frequent migrations of the virtual machines (VMs). We make the moves cost-efficient by modeling the problem as a signaling game between the adversary and the VMs and introducing deceptions. We solve the game and receives two Nash equilibriums. These results illustrate the best possible moves by the adversary and the corresponding strategy for the VMs that should reduce the adversary’s chance of being successful at most.