Our new paper on economic analysis for electrical vehicle consumption markets has been accepted for IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing (GlobSIP). Below, you can find the title, the authors and an abstract of this paper:

Title: Electrical Vehicle Consumption Markets: An Economic Analysis

 Authors: Mohammad Sadegh Nourbakhsh, Mohammad Hossein Manshaei, Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman (from Tennessee Tech University), and Walid Saad (from Virginia Tech)

 Abstract: Electric vehicles (EVs) are viewed as an integral part of tomorrow’s smart cities. However, the adoption of EVs by the users remain insipid. This is because of their limited battery capacity and longer recharging period compared to traditional gasoline vehicles. Therefore, to overcome these challenges, there is a need for new models that capture the realistic behavior of the users and their preferences vis-a-vis EVs. In this paper, the impact of various important parameters that influence the preference of a user with regard to using EVs is studied. In particular, a game-theoretic model is proposed for economic analysis of the EV market, considering different parameters pertaining to users’ preferences.