A joint paper by GTMD members Mehdi Naderi Soorki, Mohammad Yaghini and Dr. Mansahei;  Dr. Walid Saad from VirginiaTech and IUT ECE Professor Hossein Saidi on mechanism design for cellular device-to-device local area networks has been accepted to the 50th Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS) in Princeton, New Jersey.

The paper, titled "Energy-Aware Optimization and Mechanism Design for Cellular Device-to-Device Local Area Networks," proposes a new mechanism for incentivizing cooperative distribution of popular content in a cellular device-to-device network. Below, find an abstract of the paper:

Abstract—In a device-to-device (D2D) local area network (LAN), mobile users (MUs) cooperate to download common real-time content from a wireless cellular network. However, sustaining such D2D LANs over cellular networks requires the introduction of mechanisms that will incentivize the MUs to cooperate. In this paper, the problem of energy-aware D2D LAN formation over cellular networks is studied. The problem is formulated using a game-theoretic framework in which each MU seeks to minimize its energy consumption while actively participating in the D2D LAN. To account for the selfish behavior of the MUs, a  punishment and incentive protocol is proposed in order to ensure cooperation among MUs. Within this protocol, an estimation algorithm is proposed to simulate the process of D2D LAN formation and, then, adjust the mechanism parameters to maintain cooperation. Simulation results show that the proposed framework can improve energy efficiency up to 36% relative to the traditional multicast scenario.