Internet-connected devices have existed for decades, while recently these devices have permeated into our lives and are popularly conceptualized as the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is composed of physical objects equipped with “mostly” constrained hardware providing some computing and networking support. IOT networks are large-scale networks consisting of several heterogeneous things and some gateways. The things are sensing different data from the environment and send their measurement data towards the gateways possibly via multiple hops. Since the things are often battery powered, an important design criterion for IOT networks is the maximization of their lifetime.

Current projects:

1. Modeling the competitive and cooperative of IoT elements

In this research, we are working on the interaction of IoT element in order to find competitive and cooperative situations in both the microscopic and macroscopic level. We want to analyze how such interactions form and operate in order to understand what will emerge at a macroscopic scale in the system For the smart environment with lots of decision maker agents, that have interacted with each other in a non-trivial way like as human society the cooperation mechanism is needed. Such a complex system is composed of independent subsystems that called the system of systems (SoS). It is therefore imperative to model and analyze how such interactions form and operate.

Finished projects:

1. Modeling the Interaction of Heterogeneous Things in IOT: A Game Theoretic Analysis

In this research, we have considered different IOT applications, by which we mean a set of things that co-exist at the same physical location but run by different applications by different security level. We have studied this problem in a game theoretic setting and show that, in most cases, there is a Nash equilibrium in the system, in which at least one of the strategies is cooperative, even without introducing any external incentives (e.g., payments).


  • Dr. Mohammad Hossein Manshaei
  • Sara Ranjbaran
  • Amin Mohammadi
  • Sina Dehghanian
  • Amir Reza Jafari
Reseach Status: Active